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Vanilla Stout

StoutVanilla Stout has been in the minds of the staff at Forbidden Peak for 6 months.   During this time, the recipe was perfected to finally give us this taste of perfection.  This beer has a flavor that is difficult to comprehend for even the most sophisticated of beer tasters.   This may be the easiest drinking stout on the market today. 

The key to a good vanilla stout is a good vanilla bean.  The Mexican vanilla bean is one of the most desirable on the market today.   The vanilla bean is brewed in SKYY vodka until a pure vanilla vodka is created.  This concoction is then pitched into the fermentor holding the stout base beer and perfection is created.  

Squatch likes to tell stories of his "vanilla girlfriend".  Apparently, back in the 80's, Squatch met a vixen roaming around the base of Forbidden Peak.   He was able to smooth talk her into a trek up to the top of the peak and romance was found.  She left the following morning and was never seen in the area again.   Rumor has it that she was inspired by the view and moved to Tibet to try to replicate the view from Forbidden Peak.  Was she a myth, a yeti, or a hallucination?   Taste the beer and give us your opinion.  The beer is to be released in mid- February, a Valentine's Day Salute to the Vanilla Lady.


Forbidden Peak Brewery - 2009