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PumpkinThe Pumpkin Frost recipe was pioneered by the staff at Forbidden Peak Brewery. The recipe uses a light Amber Ale as the background and adds pumpkin & spices to round out the flavor. The pumpkins used in the recipe were grown in the brewery’s (Eli’s) garden from seed and were grown with nothing but the finest natural and naturally made nutrients. Unlike other pumpkin beers, Pumpkin Frost uses the “meat” of the pumpkin. We carve and gut the pumpkins by hand and cube the “meat”. The skin is painstakingly peeled off and set aside, whereas the “meat” goes into the oven. After some time in the oven to “soften” the pumpkin, it is ready to be tossed into the boil. Although the hearty pumpkin cubes are removed, the flavor remains for all to enjoy. The name Pumpkin Frost reflects the initial tasting of the beer. “It tastes like pumpkin, only with a really crisp cold finish- like it is frosty”- hence Pumpkin Frost was born. The Pumpkin Frost was released to the public on November 30th, 2007. We hope you enjoy the beer and as always, remember that beer is fun.
Forbidden Peak Brewery - 2009