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OktoberThe Oktober Pale Ale was a seasonal pale ale designed to encourage and inspire creativity during the Halloween holiday.   The simple recipe, derived from a base from our good friend "Bob" @ Bob's Homebrew Supplies in Seattle, WA, creates a full bodied flavor with a heavy hint of hops.  

Squatch believes that every holiday is important to celebrate to the fullest and wanted this beer to help make the evening fun for everyone.   Indeed, Squatch dressed up as a ghost (as seen on the label) and ran around the streets of Seattle delivering beer to all "of age" candidates who were making the most of the holiday.  

The Oktober Pale Ale was released October 24th for the 2nd Annual Forbidden Peak Pumpkin Carving Contest.   The annual event gets bigger every year and due to the success of the event this past year, we anticipate an even larger turnout next year.  See pictures below of this year's winners.   The recipe met with such great success that it helped to inspire a staple at the company- First Ascent Pale Ale.

2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners!


Forbidden Peak Brewery - 2009