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Jaeger SquirrelThis unique porter recipe was designed to replicate the moral fiber of the JaegerSquirrel. We took a traditional FPB porter and then added a healthy amount of a "secret ingredient" to the secondary fermenter. Each sip of this titillating beer has a hint of the "secret ingredient" and a healthy amount of good beer flavor. Yes, the JaegerSquirrel is real and yes, it is quite a formidable animal.

Wily. Cunning. Elusive. Lethal. Words such as these have been used in hush tones when talk of the infamous JaegerSquirrel arises. Fjs Logorom Mt. Rainier to Mt. McKinley, the JaegerSquirrel dominates the Pacific Northwest and is feared by every man and beast alike. The legends are too many to tell and many who speak publicly of this liver crushing beast have been known to meet devious and destructive ends. JaegerSquirrel Porter is a beer that should not be taken lightly, just like its namesake!

The JaegerSquirrel is most active during the Harvest Moon, when he roams his territory night and day. In many small villages, residents will put out a small bottle as an offering during the Harvest Moon in hopes that the JaegerSquirrel will take the offering and leave the family alone. Squatch does not have access to this "secret ingredient" up in the mountains, but he too puts an offering out- the JaegerSquirrel Porter. This allows the two elusive creatures to live in harmony.

Forbidden Peak Brewery - 2009