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Arctic BeaverThe year of 2009 marks an important date for those of us in the Forbidden Peak Family. Since all of us have ties back to the great state of Alaska, it is most appropriate for us to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Alaska’s Statehood. In order to celebrate the great state of Alaska and 50 years of contributing to the United States, FPB would like to introduce “Seward’s Ice Box”. Seward’s Ice Box is a special edition Golden Ale, which seems appropriate for the Golden Anniversary of Statehood. Like most things in Alaska, Seward’s Ice Box is just a little bit stronger and better tasting than most Golden Ales, checking in with a solid 5.9% Alcohol (no coincidence that ‘59 was the year Alaska first became a state). This Golden Ale has a strong gold color and a hint of subtle hop flavor. This beer is meant to be an easy drinker with a slight extra kick of alcohol.

Learn more about Seward's Ice Box at the FPB Blog.

Forbidden Peak Brewery - 2009