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Arctic BeaverThe crew at Forbidden Peak Brewery has really extended themselves this time in order to bring you an authentic flavor of fun - Hijole Limon. Hijole Limon is a straw-yellow ale with a bright white head, zesty carbonation, and a light body. The taste is pure and well balanced with an enticing malt and hop taste with a subtle hop aftertaste. The slight whisper of tequila and hint of lime smoothness help round out the body. Hijole finishes with a mild, clean aroma.

There are several "lime" flavored beers coming on the market these days, but none seem to capture the true essence of the fresh lime. Here at Forbidden Peak Brewery we strive to meet perfection. The FPB brewers got together and decided our combination of a crisp lager-inspired ale and fresh lime juice needed a boost - like a slight backdrop of premium silver tequila! After all, tequila and lime go together just as well as a cold cervesa and lime. On extra hot days, Squatch encourages the use of a fresh lime wedge in the beer when drinking.

For Hijole Limon's full story, visit the FPB Blog.

Forbidden Peak Brewery - 2009