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BrownThe Free Range Brown Ale was a seasonal brown ale meant to compliment the incredible variety and amount of food consumed on Thanksgiving weekend.  This recipe was another one created from the base recipe provided by our good friends at Bob's Homebrew Supplies.   Free Range was well received and made for one of the most enjoyable Turkey Days the brewery has seen.

Legend has it that a turkey the size of an ostrich used to roam through the North Cascades, here in Washington State.   This "turkey" was extremely aggressive and often large mammals were found to have been killed when provoking or threatening this turkey.  Squatch had an early run in with the turkey, but was fast and elusive enough to avoid any serious injury.   To this day, Squatch remembers the story and retells it each and every Thanksgiving Day at the brewery.  Although the story varies from time to time, the basic premise remains, that the turkey "Preferred Dark Meat".

Free Range Brown Ale provoked a taste test.  A panel of 9 prominent and adamant beer tasters were gathered at the brewery to review the most popular brown ale's on the market today.   In spectacular fashion, the Free Range tied with Newcastle for top honors.  We promise to do better next time!


Forbidden Peak Brewery - 2009