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Son of a Fitch

fitchTwo married adults with the last name Fitch, One Egg, One Sperm, 9 months, and a male and what do you get?  SON OF A FITCH! This Belgian White beer was made to celebrate the entrance of a new Fitch baby (aka Das Boot) into our world.  Special props go to Allison, who for 9 months has struggled with the ups and downs of pregnancy, was an awesome DD, and somehow managed to go without Forbidden Peak beer. Peder gets some credit here too, Squatch says.

Legend has it that baby Das Boot was delivered directly from somewhere in Germany, via a bald eagle. It has been described as the biggest bald eagle you have ever seen.  The eagle flew straight to the tip of Forbidden Peak, where the baby was passed onto a furry friend. This furry friend then spent 3 days and 3 nights wandering through a Spruce/ Hemlock forest and ended up just north of Seattle, where he dropped him off at his new home with his new family.   Congratulations!

The recipe was specially constructed by our good friends at Bob's Homebrew Supplies with a slight touch of good luck and good health from FPB staff. The beer will release on Feb 9th, just in the nick of time.


Forbidden Peak Brewery - 2009