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AscentFirst Ascent Pale Ale was made to commemorate the first successful ascent of Forbidden Peak, here in the Washington Cascades.   Long before the first human was able to duplicate this feat, the true first ascent was completed by Squatch.  Although not formerly documented, the flag on the mountain peak left no doubt in the human climbers minds that someone or something had been there before them.

The recipe is meant to create a lighter bodied beer that can be refreshing year round.  Often beer drinkers can lose interest in pale ales during the winter months, when darker/ "warmer" beers are desired, but research shows that First Ascent is just as desirable and refreshing in the winter months as it is in the summer.  

Squatch would like this beer to remind us that you can achieve anything if you drink beer, especially from Forbidden Peak, where the air is crisp.

Forbidden Peak Brewery - 2009