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BiathlonBiathlon Winter Ale is the perfect crisp refreshing beer for the winter months. This full flavored beer hits your lips with an enticing flavor and warms up your insides on those cool blustery days. Biathlon Winter Ale was created to be the foundation for the Forbidden Peak Brewery’s Winter Biathlon. This grueling annual event requires the utmost skill and concentration, as the combination of the x-country skiing and drinking can not only be exhausting, but dangerous as well. Most competitors will dress in their “extra padded” outfits and put on their specialty drinking gloves. There are two events at the biathlon, the individual and the team competitions. One 12 oz beer, One 1/8 mile lap on the skis, repeat. We hope you enjoy the beer and as always, remember that beer is fun.
Forbidden Peak Brewery - 2009