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Arctic BeaverWhat is an Arctic Beaver?

Arctic Beavers are.......beavers that live in the Arctic. Although very rare and even rarer to be seen, these beavers work constantly to keep the world from succumbing to another ice age. How? Arctic beavers, due to the lack of high altitude wood, have adapted to spending most of their lives around glaciers. In order to keep their teeth from growing too long, they gnaw constantly on the ice. A little known fact: Arctic Beavers are responsible for approximately 50% of all glacial calving.

Arctic Beavers are considered to be the best natural born curlers in the world. Their ability to glide on the ice, balance on their beaver tails, and their extreme competitiveness allows the Arctic Beaver to dominate the sport of curling. Squatch often enters tournaments with his good friend and together they have won 3 of the last 5 curling titles at the Arctic Winter Games.

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